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There can be no happiness without good health”.


Inspiration for Family and Glamour

Family and Glamour is a blog that shares family inspired gluten-free, low-carb, and plant-based recipes, along with healthy beauty tips.

Hello I’m Nicole, and thank you so much for visiting Family and Glamour!

I started Family and Glamour finally after a year after changing my own lifestyle.

Although not diagnosed as celiac it was concluded that I have a form of non-celiac gluten sensitivity, which caused me to experience many symptoms that mimicked gluten intolerance.

My decision to begin a gluten- free lifestyle came about after several years of struggling with intestinal discomfort and overall quality of life that I was experiencing, and decided that if I wanted to be a happier person then I needed to feel good in order to do this.

Previous to my decision to stop eating gluten, my husband and one of my children had been diagnosed with milk protein intolerance.

So with all of our combined needs, my family was forced to take a different approach to health and diet as a whole.

It is my family’s journey with food that inspired the Family and Glamour blog.

I have learned so many things: from food preparation to knowing how to read food labels properly.

And I discovered that we are still able to eat and enjoy food together as a family, by becoming more knowledgable about ingredients and getting creative with recipes!

I also want to add that when our family made these changes to our lifestyle, other considerations to our diet naturally followed.

We began to limit our refined sugar and simple carbohydrate intake in order to make way for other healthier options in our everyday meal preparation.

Family and Glamour is a journal of what my family eats, and a guide to ingredients that impact our daily lives.

About Nicole

I am: an educator, wife, and mother of three.

I am from: Miami, Florida.

I live in: Stockholm, Sweden.

My favorite food is: roasted chicken.

I am obsessed with: peanut butter.

What I do for fun: cook and listen to a good podcast!

Tell me about yourself in the comments, send an email, and join my social media so that we can get to know each other!

What are your struggles with gluten?

Does dairy do a number on you?

Are you part of a family with different dietary needs?

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