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Simple Keto Condensed Milk: 3 Ingredients, 30 Minutes

Simple Keto Condensed Milk_ 3 Ingredients and 30 Minutes!

This recipe for keto condensed milk is so simple and quick to make, that you will wonder why you haven’t tried it sooner! It is so rich and creamy, that no one will believe that it’s low-carb! You can use it in different keto dessert recipes, and coffee drinks, or serve it alongside fruit to satisfy your sweet tooth while staying on track!

keto condensed milk

We all know that doing keto can sometimes be a challenge for those of us who miss the sugar and carb-laden treats that we once enjoyed. This keto condensed milk is one of those recipes that can improve the taste of so many of your keto dessert recipes*, like this keto version of a gluten-free lime drizzle cake or this keto sponge cake; but one of my favorite ways to use it is in this no-bake keto cheesecake recipe! What’s even great about this low-carb condensed milk recipe is that it is so easy and requires so few ingredients, like these 4-ingredient keto butter cookies or these 5-Ingredient keto tahini cookies! And with only three ingredients, this sweet and creamy keto recipe couldn’t be easier (or faster) to make!

(*see the “How To Use” section below)

What is condensed milk?

keto condensed milk coffee
Keto condensed milk in coffee for “bulletproof” coffee

Traditional condensed milk is cow’s milk that has had water removed from it (about 60% through evaporation) to create evaporated milk, or, “unsweetened condensed milk”. However, condensed milk often has added sugar, known as “sweetened condensed milk.” And because much of the water has been removed, what remains of the milk is thick in consistency and very sweet due to the combination of natural and added sugar, which also helps to thicken it. Condensed milk is used the world over for desserts and in both warm and cold drinks like coffee and teas.

Is condensed milk allowed on keto?

Sweetened condensed milk is not suitable for a low-carb or keto diet because of added sugar and the naturally occurring lactose ( a sugar compound) that is found in milk. Milk contains 5% lactose, increasing to 10% as milk becomes condensed. Evaporated milk (unsweetened) is slightly better with 3 grams of carbohydrates per 2 tbsp, however, it contains carrageenan – an ingredient used to thicken and stabilize food products – a highly inflammatory substance that also has been linked to colon cancer in scientific studies. Therefore, making your own low-carb condensed milk is a healthier option – plus it’s so easy!

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What Is Keto Condensed Milk?

keto condensed milk close up

Keto condensed milk is made from three ingredients: heavy cream, butter, and powdered sweetener. It is made using the same method of evaporation so that water is removed from the cream and butter. These ingredients work together to create the best low-carb substitution for regular condensed milk:

  • Heavy Cream – is used in place of whole milk because it contains less sugar (lactose) and a higher percentage of milk fat
Heavy CreamWhole Milk
comparison of macros: cream vs. milk
  • Butter – is at least 80% milk fat, and is used to help thicken the low-carb condensed milk instead of sugar; use grass-fed butter for more nutrients, richer flavor, and lower saturated fat content
  • Powdered Sweetener – use your sweetener of choice to replace the refined sugar in traditional condensed milk

Xanthan gum has the same thickening and stabilizing characteristics as carregeenan – without the harmful side effects – plus it’s gluten-free and keto-friendly: a scant quarter teaspoon can be added to the keto condensed milk to help maintain its creamy texture!


Why Should You Make Your Own Keto Condensed Milk?

keto condensed milk ingredients

As of today, there are no good keto options for condensed milk available for purchase. Luckily, it takes only three ingredients that are found in the pantry of most keto dieters! Here are just a few reasons why you should be making your own low-carb condensed milk:

  • Sugar-free – sweetener replaces the carbohydrate-filled, refined sugar
  • Low-carb – only 2 grams of net carbs per 2 tbsp serving
  • Free from “unsafe” or questionable stabilizers – you control the quality of the ingredients
  • Quick and easy to make – you will be done in just 30 minutes from start to finish!

What You Need To Make Keto Condensed Milk


  • Saucepan – choose one with a heavy bottom to heat the milk gently and evenly and to prevent scalding
  • Whiskthis one made for sauce helps to keep the condensed milk smooth while helping the sweetener dissolve


  • Heavy Cream – has much fewer carbohydrates than whole milk and has a richer flavor
  • Butter or Ghee – you can choose organic, grass-fed, salted, or unsalted
  • Powdered sweetener – use erythritol (like myself), monk fruit, or allulose

Optional Ingredient: Xanthan Gum

Use this if you want a thicker result, or want to prevent the ingredients from separating (a safer alternative to the commercial use of carrageenan).

How To Make Keto Condensed Milk (With Slideshows)

Step 1:

Place the heavy cream, butter, and sweetener in a saucepan. Bring to a rolling boil on medium-high heat.

  • keto condensed milk ingredients in a saucepan
  • keto condensed milk boiling

Step 2:

Reduce the heat to a low to medium setting and allow the cream to simmer for 30 minutes while stirring frequently. Dip the backside of a spoon into the mixture to check for thickening.

  • keto condensed milk reduced
  • keto condensed milk whisked
  • keto condensed milk coating the back of a spoon

Step 3:

Remove the saucepan and allow the condensed milk to cool (if using, add the xanthan gum at this point and whisk to combine). The milk will continue to thicken as it cools.

keto condensed milk separation in pan

To make keto evaporated milk (unsweetened), bring 1-1/2 cups of heavy cream to a boil then simmer on low to medium heat for 15-20 minutes. You may whisk in 1/4 teaspoon of xanthan gum if you want a richer consistency while the milk is cooling.


How To Use Keto Condensed Milk

Low-carb condensed milk is one of those ingredients that can tweak so many of your keto baking recipes – just keep in mind that it is already sweetened, so remember to reduce the amount of sweetener according to the recipe. Here are a few ways to use low-carb condensed milk:

  • Egg Substitute: Use 1/4 cup for each egg to be replaced in a recipe – like this keto version of a gluten-free lime drizzle cake – replace as many of the eggs needed (and adjust the added sweetener accordingly).
  • Yogurt substitute: this is an easy 1:1 replacement. For example, this keto sponge cake can be made with the same amount of low-carb condensed milk in place of Greek yogurt (remember to adjust the amount of added sweetener).

Can I Use A Granulated Sweetener For This Recipe?

Yes, you may use a granulated sweetener, however, there is a risk of your condensed milk having a “grainy” texture if the crystals were not properly dissolved or have cooled and settled. In my experience, Allulose is the only granulated sugar substitute that does not crystallize when it is cooled. Otherwise, I recommend using powdered substitutes like erythritol or monk fruit for recipes like this.

Can I Use Xylitol Or Stevia To Sweeten Keto Condensed Milk?

Yes, you can – however, with all of the great keto sweeteners available today I would recommend avoiding xylitol and stevia – especially for recipes like this one for different reasons:

  • Xylitol: does not caramelize when heated and will re-crystallize when it is refrigerated, leaving a lumpy and grainy texture in a recipe like a keto condensed milk. It is also highly toxic, even deadly if consumed by dogs or other pets. However, erythritol is completely safe if it were to be consumed by the family pet (you can read more about different breeds and their erythritol tolerance here).
  • Stevia: in my opinion, is great for adding to coffee and cold drinks. However, it is 250-300 times sweeter than sugar – therefore, it is extremely tricky to work with in recipes – add too much and it can leave a bitter taste. I don’t like to guess (or waste ingredients) when making keto recipes, so I generally avoid stevia altogether.

Can I Use Ghee Instead of Butter In This Recipe?

Yes, you can absolutely use ghee, or clarified butter, instead of butter in this recipe. Because all of the water is removed from the butter, you will create a much richer condensed milk flavor and texture. Ghee and butter can be used interchangeably at a 1:1 ratio, so make sure to measure it while solid for accuracy.

How To Store Keto Condensed Milk

keto condensed milk storage

This low-carb condensed milk should be stored in a sealed, air-tight container and refrigerated for up to 7 days. I like to use these hinged glass jars with leak-proof rubber gaskets to keep my condensed milk fresh. It can also be frozen in these jars or other air-tight containers for up to four months.

The Recipe:

condensed milk recipe photo

Simple Keto Condensed Milk in 30 Minutes

This keto condensed milk recipe is simple and fast to make with just three ingredients and in 30 minutes. With only 2 grams of net carbs per serving, you won't believe this rich and creamy condensed milk is low-carb!
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Prep Time 2 mins
Cook Time 30 mins
Total Time 32 mins
Course Condiment, Dessert, Sauce
Cuisine American, International
Servings 12
Calories 111 kcal





  • Place the heavy cream, butter, and powdered sweetener in a saucepan and bring to a rolling boil (medium to high heat). Whisk the ingredients to melt the butter and dissolve the sweetener evenly throughout.
  • Reduce the temperature to low to medium heat and gently simmer (slight bubbling) while whisking the cream every 2-3 minutes. Simmer for 30 minutes or until the cream has reduced to a golden yellow color and lightly coats the back of a spoon. Remove the saucepan from the heat to cool.


  • After the cream has reduced and the saucepan is removed from the heat (but still warm), add the xanthan gum and whisk until it is fully dissolved and incorporated.



  • The condensed milk will continue to thicken as it cools.  
  • Bring it to room temperature or gently heat and stir to loosen.


Serving: 2.5tbspSodium: 24mgCalcium: 0.6mgSugar: 0gFiber: 0gPotassium: 0mgCholesterol: 43mgCalories: 111kcalSaturated Fat: 6.9gFat: 13gProtein: 0.6gCarbohydrates: 2.1gIron: 0mg
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